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Support FAQ

Welcome to the Shop support database

Although we attempt to make ordering from Haute Magie a simple and enjoyable process, questions are bound to pop up over time. Below are a few key points and answered questions regarding everything from how to make a payment to our Terms of Service

How to Order Online

Ordering Online with Credit Card or PayPal

Ordering from Haute Magie online is now as simple as clicking the Purchase button next to the item you'd like to purchase.

In the rare cirumstance that you are unable to use the shopping cart, you can send a direct PayPal payment to silas [at] heofthehouse [dot] com, but please send an e-mail prior to just packing your money off into the world, rucksack and soggy Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich in its grubby little hand. Detail what you'd like, as well as any other enquiries you may have, and we'll respond with availability, shipping, and total costs.

When using PayPal directly, please send the payment as a gift.

If absolutely all else fails, you can also have someone you know who has a credit / debit card or PayPal account purchase a Gift Certificate for you, redeemable at time of checkout.

We accept debit and credit cards through PayPal, and are currently working out a system to be able to process debit / credit cards straight from the cart, as well as take phone orders.

How to Order Offline

We are well aware that not everyone trusts or has the means to make online / digital purchases; thus, we still operate in the physical world. We even encourage and reward the post-based mail-order customer; should you choose this route, you will always receive an extral special little something alongisde your order.

First, send an e-mail detailing what you would like to purchase, and that it will be a postal order. We will then place your requested items aside, but please note that we cannot remove items from our stock until they have been paid for. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you always have a few alternatives listed, should we sell out of a particular item you've requested.

Download, fill out, and mail in the order form. Please see the acceptable payment methods listed below.

Using Cash, Cheques & International Money Orders

When sending cheques or international money orders, please do not make them payable to Haute Magie. We are working on setting up an account, but until then, please make everything out to Amanda Boutourline, as she handles all accounting.

If you are sending cash, please do not send coins, as these can easily tear open an envelope which should otherwise be machinable.

Shipping & Handling

All shipping charges are now calculated through the checkout system. Whether ordering online or off, please use it to tally your final costs.

All handling charges are already worked into our prices.

Please note that we absolutely will not use FedEx, and primarily ship with USPS, but we will ship UPS upon request. For priority, second day, and other shipping options, please get in touch first.

Tracking & Insurance

Upon request and on the buyer's allowance, we will ship packages with insurance, registration and / or additional tracking. Please note that international packages sometimes cannot be tracked through the normal system, but we can always supply the Customs ID when appropriate.

For basic tracking within the United States, simply click the "Add Tracking ($0.70) | US Only" button before checking out.

Local pickups & order holds

We also offer the ability to do a local pickup if you live in Texas or are going to be passing through. We will hold pickup orders for as long as is necessary, just please ensure that your order is completely paid off before you arrive, or that you bring your form of payment with you. Obviously, do not just show up at our House; send a message, and we'll figure out a meetup time. We do not yet have a storefront, but will sometime in the near future.

Returns, Refunds & Credits

Haute Magie offers refunds only in the case of a damaged item (barring any defects in the item at time of shipping, which will always be listed in the item's description). We will replace an order at no charge if the original package is shipped back to us for inspection. In the event that the particular item is out of stock by this point, we can work out something else.

Quantity Limits & Availability

Due to the limited nature of some of the products we tend to carry, we may limit certain items one copy. If you happen to choose more than one copy of one of these items, we will let you know if the requested item is available in your proposed quantity. We do offer special Wholesale prices on almost all releases put out through Haute Magie, our in-House record label and media publisher.

All items are marked with a form of Availability on the left-hand column of their informational spot. In Stock means that we currently have ten or more of the item, Low Stock means less than ten, Last Copy... should be pretty self-explanatory, and Temp. Out Of Stock means we are temporarily out of this item entirely, but we know for a fact that we will be getting more fairly soon.

Getting distribution through Haute Magie

Interested in having Haute Magie distribute your latest release? Whether your label has just put out a run of 5,000 and you'd like to unload a couple hundred, or you're an indvidual artist / band looking for a broader audience, we can certainly help spread your work. We require the ability to purchase at least 10 copies of whatever you're approaching us with, so please, no 15-copy runs of cassettes in tin foil and macaroni art unless you want to sell almost all of them to us.

Purchasing Haute Magie relics wholesale

We offer wholesale prices for other distributors and physical shops on almost all items from Haute Magie, at a mininum of ten units per item. If you would like to get in touch regarding the distribution of one of our titles, please send an e-mail.

What is the points system?

In short, for every item you purchase from Haute Magie's Shop, you earn one point. These points will become redeemable for other items in the Shop. The system is still being developed, but when it launches, every past purchase will still be counted.

What is the affiliates system?

As with the Points system, this is still being developed, but it works on a similar principle: you are given a special code which you can use to link others to the Shop. If a purchase is made when the person you've linked enters the site, you will be awarded an Affiliate point, which will count towards your total points in general. This is not yet finished, but if you would like an Affiliate code while the system is still in beta, simlpy send an e-mail.

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