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Haute Magie is a multi-format private press micro label based in Austin, TX and the home to the work of Medosevo, Human Skins, LOCI, and Dogface Judas

Originally formed in 2009, Haute Magie released eleven CD-Rs, tapes, and a 3"CDr by artists around the world until early 2010 when the label ceased operations to re-evalaute our standings and practices. These were released under the catalogue system of HM000 and are all long out of print.

Officially reopening our doors on May 30th of 2011 with the "Relic" categorisation system, we have since released two CDs, two 7" singles, a double cassette, sixteen cassettes, a digital compilation, and seven 12" records.

After many transmutations and deaths / rebirths we are, to put it very simply, taking a step back and a breath very deep. Reverting, but not regressing. Haute Magie now officially operates as a private press and distro of our past releases. We are returning to the days of limited runs and handmade packaging, taking extra care to brand each and every copy of a release with its own distinct persona, making it more an original than a copy in the end. Special editions, new formats, and archaic ways. Mail communication, lack of online streaming, and the eschewal of social networking in favour of direct e-mail newsletters and website updates.

This may not be the most forward-thinking of changes, but the only way to truly advanced in this age of digital decay is to welcome the destruction of methods known far too well.

Forget conforming to a certain genre, a specific format, a general medium, or a set of sketchy ideals that limits your output in any single way.

Fuck apathy and stasis, and all that comes with them.



If you need an address for physical post, just ask.

We greatly appreciate a nice hand or typewritten letter, but e-mails regarding anything under the Black Sun are more than welcome. Please send all e-mail queries to relics [at] hautemagie.com.

Please note that we no longer accept unsolicited demos.



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